The video/audio quality of the tennis is not optimal, what can I do about this?

Video Quality Setting

9Now uses a technology called adaptive bitrate streaming that automatically adjusts the quality of the live stream to cope with available bandwidth on your internet connection.

If network connectivity is poor, then you'll see a lower quality video stream. You’ll see a higher quality video stream when network connectivity is stable and bandwidth is high.

To check the speed of your internet, please visit This site allows you to see your download and upload speeds; the higher the number, the better the speed. If the issues are consistent, it may be worth contacting your internet service provider. Below are the Internet download speed recommendations per stream: 
Video Quality Image Resolution Download speed Data Usage*
High 720p 3.3 Mbps 1.8 GB per hour
Medium 540p 1.8 Mpbs 0.9 GB per hour
Low 270p 0.5 Mbps 0.2 GB per hour
 *Estimated data usage only. Please check with your Internet Service Provider.

Manually Setting Video Quality

You can manual select your preferred video quality setting in our iOS and Android apps by performing the following steps:
  • Ensure video is streaming
  • Tap the device screen
  • Tap the Settings cog in the lower right hand corner
  • Choose your preferred video quality
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