How do I link my FreeviewPlus to 9Now?

To watch 9Now on your FreeviewPlus you need to link your device to your Nine account.

If you do not have a Nine account please click here create one.

Once you are logged into your account using your computer please follow the steps below:

1. Launch 9Now on FreeviewPlus and select an episode you would like to watch. 

2. If you have 9Now App for iOS/Android, tap Menu and select ‘Link Device’. Alternatively, you can visit Note: You will need to be logged in to 9now on your Mobile or computer to activate 9Now on FreeviewPlus.

Sony_TV_2.png  Sony_TV_3.png

3. Enter the code as shown on your TV screen.

4. After a few seconds, FreeviewPlus will be activated and the episode you selected will begin to play.

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